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  • * = websites written in French (use Google Chrome browser for automatic site translation)
  • This page is in perpetual development.  Use the "Contact" form to provide suggestions.
  • Fooducate - (U.S.A.) a blog about nutritious conscious grocery selection (by and for parents)
  • My New Roots - Copenhagen (Dennmark) - Nutritionist/health food consultant offers recipes and gorgeous photography
  • Orangette - Seattle, WA (U.S.A.) - recipes and food adventures, conversational and personable.
  • The Mindful Table - Montréal, Québec (Canada) - Finding seasonal & ethical food in Montréal.
FOOD: (cooking, preservation, food issues)
Urban Gardening 
References & Resources
  • Fedco Seeds - My favorite U.S.A. seed source, PERIOD.  The seed catalog itself, loaded with limericks and old-fashioned agrarian illustrations, is re-written every year.  Organic and heirloom seeds are featured, and short-season varieties are highlighted (due to Fedco's location in Maine).  I've enjoyed purple potatoes and carrots, asparagus, brilliantly rainbow-colored greens and herbs, and the most interesting looking tomatoes since I started ordering from them several years ago.  Sadly, they can't ship into Canada, so I'm still looking for a source north of the border.
  • Mycoflor - Found this Québec-based seed company in spring 2012, and when comparing prices to other local seed producers, determined they had the best prices.  They also had lots of great variety, although they only publish their catalog in French.  Remains to be seen how the seeds do, but the ones we planted in May seem to be right on schedule. 
  • Electronics Take Back Coalition - Resources and tips for consumers
  • Environmental Working Group - Team of scientists, engineers, policy experts, lawyers, etc., researches food, body care products, environmental hazards, and develops user friendly reports & lists to guide consumers like you and me! 
NATURAL HISTORY/ECOLOGY (and other sciences)

PRODUCERS, PRODUCTS & SHOPS (includes farms)
  • *Les Urbainculteures - Quebec City nonprofit with emphasis on urban agriculture; offers all sorts of workshops, sells veggie and flower starts in the spring, and is a source of SmartPots (fabric gardening containers of various sizes)
  • *Marché de solidarité régionale de Québec - Local food purchasing club; all products and foods offered are produced within 100km of the city.
  • Body Care & Cosmetics - this Environmental Working Group shopping guide provides you with a handy "best/worst" pocket-sized list.
  • Groundworks Farm - CSA farm run by friends near Great Falls, MT
  • Gull Harbor Farm - CSA farm run by friends near Olympia, WA
  • The Good Food Store - (Missoula, MT) It doesn't get better than this, folks.  Go see it.  If you live in Missoula, count your blessings.
  • The Mountain Front Market - (Choteau, MT) grocery store stocked full of organics, locally grown produce, and more.  On Main Street - stop in and say "Howdy".
May have been listed for 1+ of the following reasons: quality of food, reasonable prices, use of local ingredients, etc.

  • *Café Babylon - (Quebec City) delightful range of tasty internationally-inspired dishes and bargain prices
  • Chez-Soi La Chine (Quebec City)  "The Chinese Home Away from Home" - family owned and operated, authentic Shanghai-style Chinese meals.
  • *Le Fin Gourmet -  (Quebec City)  homemade, delicious and reasonably priced (and reasonable portions)
  • *La Korrigan (Quebec City)  This local brasserie artisanale (artisan brewery) was a happy accidental find.  Their Croquemitaine (the Bogeyman) is thick, dark, made with maple syrup and as close to Coldsmoke as you'll get here in Québec.
  • Big Dipper Ice Cream - (Missoula, MT) So good, quirky (flavors include jalepeno, saffron, etc.), and ingrained in the fabric of Missoula - this place is enough to convince you it's not worth trying to make your own.
  • Biga Pizza -  (Missoula, MT)  As much as possible, everything that goes into your belly here will be made in-house and grown locally (including meat and cheese).  Get the antipasto plate and the Vesuvio pizza - and the basil lemonade if it's summertime.
  • Howard's Pizza - (Missoula, MT)  This family-owned and operated restaurant is owned by dear friends of ours, and when they say it's kid-friendly, it really is!  Generations of children have grown up in this restaurant.  According to one Italian/New Yorker foodie friend of ours, this is the best pizza in Missoula.  
  • Iza   (Missoula, MT)  You'll get a refreshing flavor-loaded glimpse into an authentic range of Asian cuisines; co-founded by our friend/favorite chef, who also inspired the preserved lemons (written about here).
  • Kettlehouse (Missoula, MT)  A great community supporter, the neighborhood pub, and a Missoula institution, this is definitely a place we miss north of the border.
  • The Silk Road -  (Missoula, MT)  Fabulous (and I mean it) tapas-style international dining - don't be tempted to come here for appetizers and go elsewhere for dinner.  Spending the whole night here is a fantastic experience, and you won't go hungry.
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