Can you help me with a project?
Yes.  That is, probably.  We offer consulting and content development services for a range of subjects and types of projects - personal, business, nonprofit, and academic.  We are easy to work with, friendly, knowledgeable on the suite of services we offer, and thoroughly enjoy helping folks like you make projects the best they can be.  Check out our Professional Services for details, or contact us today to get started.  Free quotes provided.

What does fruit.root.leaf. mean, and why is that the name of the blog?
Thanks for asking!  We thought long and hard about a name that could encompass the various aspects of our lifestyle adequately.  For all the details, see this post.

Where do your recipes come from? 
Occasionally, we make up recipes out of thin air.  You can be sure we happily take credit for them, in the relevant post.  However, most recipes posted here are personal adaptations of recipes from family, friends or favorite cookbooks or online sources.  We credit relevant sources and sources of inspiration in the individual recipe posts.  

Why do you post recipes?
These recipe posts are not intended to work like boxed caked mixes.  These recipes chronicle our cooking adventures (and misadventures), and reflect our culinary interests and curiosities.  In our experience, recipes tend to serve as a jumping-off point.  If it isn't baking, we probably don't follow the recipe to the letter, and we will explain our tweaks in the recipe post.  If it is a baking project, we likely followed the recipe the first time - provided there weren't significant online comments warranting changing the recipe straight out of the gate.  We hope you will find some inspiration here, and wish you bon appetit!

Do you test your recipes?
If by testing, you mean we cook them, and eat them, and hope they look okay when photographed, you bet!  If you are wondering if we ask others to test the recipes we develop before posting them to the blog, not usually.  The blog is exactly the forum for that sort of feedback.  If you try a recipe we posted, which we made up ourselves, we really would like to know how it worked for you.  If you try a recipe we posted, based on a recipe we found online or in a cookbook, you can refer to the original source for full testing details.  If you think you would adapt the recipe differently from how we did, please share your suggestions - most people who cook are interested in new ideas.

Why aren't there more FAQs?
Great question!  These FAQs provide answers to a) questions readers often ask and b) questions someone might likely have, but don't ask.  The FAQs page is also a handy place for us to provide additional info about things like our motive for publishing recipes.  In order to avoid cluttering up the recipe archive, we post those sorts of explanations here.  So, ask away, and you might find your ? reflected here.

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