Decoding the labels

We are not talking about cultural profiling, stereotypes, or anything remotely debatable.  This is simply a "code" to fruit.root.leaf. blog posts, and how the labeling system works.

Post labels are a catch-22 situation.  On one hand, we want you to find the labels clever and intriguing enough that you check them out, out of sheer curiosity.  On the other hand, the labels need to encompass a sufficient depth of a topic, so that we do not have to list 10s or 100s of labels.  Finally, on the "third hand," these labels need to make sense enough that if you were looking for something, you would have a chance of finding it intuitively, with in a given label that makes sense to you and to us.

In the spirit of labeling effectively, we have outlined what is included under each label.  Think of fruit.root.leaf. labels as umbrellas, some of which overlap, while others are completely distinct.  If you have suggestions for labeling posts, please contact us.

  1. Here and on the blog side bar, labels are listed in alphabetical order.
  2. Here and on the blog side bar, labels are displayed in varying sizes, relative to the number of posts included in that label.  A large word = more posts, while a small word = not so many.
  3. Click on any word or phrase to view all posts with that label.  Once you have clicked, scroll down the page to view them all.

CURRENT fruit.root.leaf. LABELS
  • Food for Thought - all food-related posts, including recipes, gardening tips, sustainable food issues, etc.
  • Drawn to Québec - urban sketching - Posts about sketching, painting, etc. on location, en plein air, in Quebec (city & province). Eventually, this label may be split into two, if I do more sketching in other towns and cities.
  • Field Note - ecology, field observations, and any generally "science-y" posts; these are usually our first-hand accounts
  • Healthy Dose of Art - anything art- or arts-related, including sketches, etc.
  • Multi-cultural mélange - deals with the intersection of more than one culture, cultural norm, or language
  • North of the 49th - everything about anything in Canada
  • Photo post - primarily, or exclusively photos
  • Published elsewhere - all posts which are derived from, related to, or developed into pieces published outside of the fruit.root.leaf. site
  • Scheduled (class-event-workshop) - posts related to any scheduled presentations, classes or workshops offered on any of the topics which Jerod and I are qualified to address
  • The West - east of the Mississippi River, incl. western Canada
  • The World Around Us - ecology, field observations, and any generally "science-y" posts; these may be articles or write-ups about projects we find interesting or firsthand experiences.
  • Try this at home - a grab bag of the other topics, as they apply to things you can do at home, for (or by) yourself
  • Year 'round gardener - all garden-related posts, including pieces about other gardens we think are fabulous.
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