28 January 2014

What could we do in Paris in the winter?

Most likely, we'd go to a museum or three.  

But, we are still in Quebec City, so no Louvre and no Eiffel Tower gazing.  
Here on the St. Lawrence river, the mercury is well below freezing, and 
with the wind chill, you need some serious nerve to romp about outdoors.  

This is precisely why the sketching group I participate in spent last 
Saturday morning at the Musée de la Civilization.  It is warm, the staff are 
quite hospitable*, and there is a marvelous "Paris en scène" exhibit on. 

All about Paris's pre-WWI golden age, the exhibit ranges from 
the birth of cinema to the circus, and from Sarah Bernhardt and 
the Moulin Rouge to classical artists such as Auguste Rodin. 

Jerod wandered the exhibits while I sketched them...
or more precisely, sketched the people looking at them.  

 It was a good warm-up for a someday trip to the real City of Light.

*During the winter, the Musée de la Civilization offers free entrance on Tuesdays, as well as Saturday mornings.  The coat room is free, and they'll even take your boots if you know to bring another pair of shoes.  In addition to the Paris exhibit, there is one about the history of video games, one about Quebec, another on the quasi-voodoo art of Haiti, and much more.  You could spend weeks there, just taking advantage of the countless opportunities to explore (and sketch!).

In fact, some of the local sketchers I know do just that - they're at the museum nearly every Tuesday during the "open" season.  If you bring your sketchbook, just look for others doing the same.


Bertille said...

Nice drawings (and the exhibition about Paris must be cool!). I understand why people want to go to Paris, but do not forget Lyon in your trip :) ... and by the way, cinema was born in Lyon not in Paris, thanks to the Lumiere Brothers (even if they were not the only one trying to do it): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auguste_and_Louis_Lumi%C3%A8re

fruit.root.leaf. said...

Hi Bertille, thanks for your reminder re Lyon. I don't recall the exhibit claimed the Parisians invented cinema, but they certainly made the point that cinema was well-appreciated in Paris. :) Yes, the exhibit was great. If I'd realized you had not seen it, I would have suggested we go there while you and Mathieu were visiting. Although, probably, you've seen it already...in France. :)

fruit.root.leaf. said...

Jane, thank you SO MUCH for writing this. It's wonderful to hear that doing what I enjoy is so inspiring! If you're ever looking to collaborate on a communications or community art project, keep me in mind!

Linda said...

Felt like being in Paris reading your descriptions..lovely

fruit.root.leaf. said...

Thank you, Linda! If I ever make it there, I'll be sure to compare notes. :)

Sylvie said...

What an interesting and original view from Paris exhibition! I love your sketches.

fruit.root.leaf. said...

Thank you, Sylvie! That means a lot, coming from someone who works for the museum! :)

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