28 January 2013

Snapshot: Quintessential 'Dutchness'

Windmills will always symbolize my mom and quintessential "Dutchness" to me.  While I now know the Dutch aren't the only ones who use(d) windmills, that's not what we thought as kids!  Here in Quebec, I have spotted a number of historic picturesque windmills, which always strike me deeply with a sense of family, and heritage.

This windmill sits on Île d'Orleans (pronounced "ill door lee awn", a large island just west of Quebec City which is accessible by only one bridge. For about 300 years, people have lived in a handful of small villages here, and the lifestyle is still essentially as agrarian as ever.

We toured the island for the first time with Jerod's parents, when they visited in September 2012. This windmill was the first thing we saw when we left the visitors center. 
This second one is on Île aux Coudres ("ill oh coo-druh"), which is about 2 hours' drive east from Quebec City. It is accessible only by ferry. Two ferries alternate from the island to the mainland and back, every half hour; cars and pedestrians ride for free. We saw this windmill while biking around the island with some friends in early September 2012.

Needless to say (though I'm saying it), I often insist we stop to take a picture.  I want to show my family that you can find a little bit of 'Dutch' almost anywhere. 

What kinds of structures make you think of family traditions and cultural heritage?


Pamela Wedum said...

Growing up on Lake Superior, the sight of a lighthouse makes me think of cultural heritage. The light was essential in guiding vessels to safe harbor.  Many ships would have gone aground without those marvelous beacons.  My heart soars every time I see a lighthouse and it reminds me of home. 

Bethann said...

Thank you for sharing!  This puts such a wonderful image in my mind.

Katherine said...


Sarah said...

Windmills make me think of the Garramons! For me, I'll have to think about it, but the RMF comes to mind first...I mean, I've never felt more at home than when I'm climbing those mountains or putting my feet in the river. I just know I've come home.

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