31 October 2012

Tricks for tasty pumpkin treats

This post is part of "When Artists Cook," a series in which I am a guest writer.
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What's your favorite way of 
eating pumpkins and other squashes?

‘Tis the season to remember that throwing away good food is truly spooky! Here’s a couple tricks for some tasty treats:

  1. What will happen to all these
    pumpkins, currently decorating
    Quebec City's Town Hall?
    Check out this blog post (in French) about (NOT) wasting pumpkins and other squashes this time of year. 
  2. This list and this one provide lots of links with more information about the importance of reducing food waste in general. 
  3. If you grow your own, a lot of squash varieties are easy to cure and store well into winter.
  4. Then you can make make a recipe like this soup from Hunter-Angler-Gardener-Cook, pumpkin pie from scratch, or roasted squash, and use those cucurbits for more than just jack-o-lanterns and centerpieces.
  5. Remember to save the seeds, either for next year’s garden or roast them for a snack or garnish

Bon appetit!

This time of year, squash soup can be made
100% local - onions, squashes, garlic, even
some puréed greens like swiss chard.  A dash
of curry and ginger give it a nice twist, though, too.

This concept was also applied to this post in the When Artists Cook series (complete with an original sketch!), as well as printed in this Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph article.

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Bethann said...

Related to using up pumpkins after Halloween, I just found this great idea for dog treats and dealing with dog digestive issues: http://dogblog.ruffwear.net/2012/11/07/how-to-turn-those-left-over-pumpkins-into-dog-treats/.

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