19 January 2012

Nature Drawing in Quebec City

5-month series offered in collaboration with:

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limit of 15 participants/month!

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nature drawing in quebec city
Scroll to bottom for schedule & registration details.

In Brief 
Following a centuries-old tradition, this series offers a casual environment in which to try your hand at nature drawing and journaling.  I've always said, “ANYONE CAN DRAW.  It is like paddling a canoe or dancing the tango – it helps if someone shows you the basics first, and then it’s all about practice.”

In this series, I will work with the group to develop confidence in recording what you see en plein air, outdoors.  You will use words and images to reflect your observations, and don’t worry; it’s not just about nature.  After all, we live in a city, so we will be drawing the things that interest us during any given session.  For example, see samples from my sketchbooks online

Session Topics will include:
  • Engaging in natural history through field sketching
  • Fundamentals of field journal organization
  • Basic techniques for sketching plants and animals
  • Tips for accurately recording characteristics of plants and animals, to enable accurate identification later
  • Additional topics may be arranged, based on group interest.

The history of science and art are closely intertwined.  Think of the drawings and paintings of Leonardo da Vinci, Maria Sybilla Merian, John James Audubon, or the maps drawn by Samuel Champlain. Prior to the advent of cameras, scientific inquiry required drawing.  Additionally, most people with an interest in the natural world were trained to make basic drawings of what they observed.  Their illustrated journals and drawings persist as tangible records of myriad discoveries, adventures and personal experiences.

Today this ability has lapsed as a public tradition, but it persists as a profession – scientific illustration – and as an avocation for many naturalists and enthusiasts of the natural world.  And yet, these hand-rendered reflections of the natural world still possess the power to transfix us, and make us long for the ability to do something like it. 

Certainly, professionals like Val Webb, Clare Walker Leslie, David Allen Sibley make it look easy.  However, while fine art may not be what you’re after, it is possible to render what you see in a way that satisfies and delights you.  

Join us to hold this ability
in your hands.
sign up today!

·         SCHEDULE: Once monthly, February - June (scroll to bottom for complete details).
·         PRICE: $5 if using materials*; free if you bring your own. 
·         Previous experience:
o   No prior drawing experience or other artistic training is required! 
o   More experienced amateurs (naturalists and artists) are also welcome.
·         language: Offered in English
o   12-participant max. per session
o   Open to adults (16+)
o   RSVP requested at least 24 hrs. prior to session. 
o   RSVP to fruit.root.leaf (at) gmail.com or call 581-981-3669.
o   You need not come to every session, although it is encouraged if you want to enhance your drawing skills or natural history awareness.
·         Materials*
o   Basic materials will be available ($5/per session; pens, pencils, colored pencils & paper).
o   A list of suggested materials will be provided to all new participants, and is available online here.
o   You are welcome to bring your own materials if you prefer, such as a camp chair, drawing and painting supplies, binoculars, or identification guides.

  • Monthly, final Tuesdays
  • February 28, March 27, April 24, May 3, May 29, June 26
  • 1-hour sessions
  • Feb. & Mar., start at 7:00 PM
  • Apr.-June, start at 6:00 PM
Location varies each session. Please contact me directly for details.


Machel C. (Arizona) said...

I want to do this....how do I shrink the distance between us??

Sabrina C. (QC) said...

Salut ma petite dame ! I'm in for your workshop ... sounds great !

Bertille B. (QC) said...

I'm in too !! But you'll have to explain me better, I didn't catch everything.

GK (OR) said...

Man, I wish I could join your class: what you showed me on our backpack trip has been immensely valuable, though I haven't done a huge amount of practice; if I had a class I'd be forced to do more! Still, I think I'm a bit of a better observer, thanks to you!

CL (QC) said...

Your drawings are just amazing! It makes me want to skecth some cool
things too so I would like to sign up for your classes!

JAG (MT) said...

How fun-wish I were there.

JMV (MT) said...

Oh my gosh Bethann, this looks wonderful and so fun!!! I wish I could attend!

fruit.root.leaf. said...

Thanks for your interest! If you're here in QC, I will be following up with you directly.

If you live elsewhere, and are seriously interested, please follow up with me r.e. scheduling a session/class in your area. A 3-hour session, or two, can work wonders for your drawing and observational abilities!

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