15 September 2011

Last Days of Summer

Autumn looms, and we welcome the respite from heat and humidity.  Just as in Montana, though, it is a bittersweet time of year - the harvest rush, fitting in the last few outdoor activities while it still feels like summer, and resuming the more demanding pace that school, work and life demand after a leisurely summer.

Much of September has been occupied with food, which we have happily found in our backyard, down the street, across town, and out in la campagne (the countryside).  For more late summer fun, read these posts about Cap Rouge, the Cirque de Soleil, and the Centre-de-Québec.

Keep scrolling for photo highlights of recent menus- bon appetit!

Basil & Mint Yogurt Smoothie
(to use up basil left over after making pesto)
Pat-a-pan squash
Breakfast sandwich homestyle:
sourdough biscuit, zucchini & egg scramble 
Nasturtiums have been adding spice
to our salads all summer long.
St. Foy Farmers Market
(pronounced San Fwah) 

"Strata & tomatas"
Part of the 100lbs. of tomatoes now in jars in our cupboards
Fish tacos (all the fixin's from the garden)
Crabapple "lemonade" (fruit harvested just down the street)
First homemade mussels - yum!
Birthday breakfast on homemade ciabatta bread

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LisaKona said...

This is such a beautiful post Bethann! I love the looks of the breakfast sandwich! Looks like you've been busy this harvest. I got to try a pat-a-pan squash this summer. Yum! The market is so so beautiful! I miss having a garden with nasturtiums. Have you tried making capers with nasturtium pods??

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