18 July 2011

A squirrel leaps...

A squirrel leaps - ordinary enough -
and the one chasing behind chatters emphatically,
flicking its tail so violently its whole self quivers.

Meanwhile, the leap of faith ends poorly.
A cascading rustle of maple leaves
betrays the squirrel's misjudgment,
and I learn something new.
Squirrels somersault when tumbling ingloriously from treetops.

And, they bounce.

In a  spectacular, medal-worthy recovery,
the flat-on-the-back-in-the-grass landing
transforms instantly
from a crumpled fur heap to a silent twitching creature,
claws sunk half-way up the trunk of the target maple.

And, the squirrel above?
Spectating one would suppose, but I can't say.
Silent or not, it made no further impression on me.
For I was watching,
watching the tumbled one scrupulously avoid eye contact with me.

Photo: J.A. Merkle (2011)
Text: B.G.Merkle (observation made 07.17.2011)

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