02 June 2011

Cornmeal Tortillas

After you make your own, you may never go back to store-bought, even if you can find them)!  Even better - they're much easier  to make than you might think.  Here in Québec, "Mexican food" is a relative term.  We searched for corn tortillas, and ultimately wound up making our own.  
NOTE: These are made with cornmeal, because if you can't find corn tortillas in the store, you probably will have trouble finding masa, too.
(yields ~12-14)

1 1/2 c. fine yellow corn flour
1 c. white wheat flour
1/2 tsp. salt
2 T oil
3/4 c. warm water


  • Combine flours & salt.  Add a little water and the oil.  
  • Knead slowly, adding rest of water gradually.  Add water until dough stops sticking to your hands.  Use a little more water, if necessary.  Slightly wetter dough is better than dough that is too dry.  If it is too wet, add tiny amounts of flour to compensate.
  • Form golf-ball size balls of dough.  Flatten to 1/8" thick, using a rolling pin or a tortilla press.  If rolling by hand, use a floured surface, or roll out the dough between sheets of wax paper.  Note, if you use extra flour, the dough is easier to work, but the tortillas will be more firm.
  • Cook each tortilla in a dry skillet - no oil, no water - on medium heat.  Flip to second side when tortilla begins to bubble a little.  Cook ~ 30 seconds/side - more for crispier tortillas, even less for more supple tortillas.

Serve with any Mexican-inspired meal.  We made these for some enchiladas a couple weeks ago.  

By the way, we couldn't find enchilada sauce in the stores here, either.  Homemade enchilada sauce, with these tortillas, is fantastic!  


M said...

J'adore ce tour du monde culinaire ! Il va falloir que je montre cette recette à Bertille, je suis sûr qu'elle va s'y adonner de bonne grâce pour remplacer nos tortillas industrielles !

Un détail en particulier a attiré mon attention : ton rouleau à pâtisserie est recouvert d'une couche de moquette ??? Je me demande bien pour quelle raison (et comment tu entretiens ça ?)... Il faudra que tu m'expliques ça à l'occasion !


fruit.root.leaf. said...

À M -
In answer to your question about the cloth-covered rolling pin, a post about pie-making is coming soon. That will describe this and other conveniences for rolling dough in more detail.

Thank you for your compliments about the international culinary tour - my husband is the one to thank for getting me started with homemade tortilla making.

M said...

À suivre donc dans un des 12 billets que j'ai en retard... Et ça ne va pas en s'améliorant ! :)


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