28 May 2011

Why fruit.root.leaf?

fruit.root.leaf. derived its title from multiple sources.  

First, fruit-root-leaf is a rotation mantra ingrained in organic, biodynamic, and other ecologically oriented food cultivation systems.  It is designed to maximize soil fertility and crop resilience by moving crops from one season to the next.  The premise counteracts the concern that growing the same crop in the same place for a number of seasons can deplete the soil of specific micro-nutrients, as well as encourage build-up of crop-specific pests.  The rotation is based on this schedule, for a specific area of your garden plot or field: Season 1 - Fruit-bearing plant (i.e. tomato, etc.); Season 2 - Root-producing plant (i.e. potato, etc.); Season 3 - Leaf-producing plant (i.e. greens and herbs, etc.).  Clearly, most plants produce some variant of all three parts.  The emphasis is on the part of the plant which will be harvested for human consumption.

Second, each time I hear that phrase, I re-phrase it "fruit, root, life"!  The implications of conscious long-term planning for personal food production strike my imagination.  The results - a year-round parade of mouth-watering abundance and delightful experimentation - are one of the favored spices of my life!

Third, in ecological terms, the relationship between soil, roots, vegetative matter, and fruits/seeds/etc. is a fundamental element of biological systems. The production and ultimate decomposition of plants contributes to carbon sequestration, high-quality water and air, plant and animal diversity, and countless opportunities for to wild-harvest this bounty.

fruit.root.leaf. is about the connections, the processes, upon which all this rests.  Not to mention, there are a lot of tasty fruits, roots and leaves out there!


M said...

J'adore cette philosophie de la vie ! Parfois, je me dis que je perds mon temps à passer des heures et des heures derrière mon ordinateur, et que je ferais mieux de me bouger les fesses pour avoir mon propre jardin (en plus, ça me rappelle de si bons souvenirs d'enfance... Mmmh les tomates rouges du jardin, à la fois juteuses et sucrées, avec cette odeur inimitable du terroir...). Je suis très curieux de voir ce que ça donne dans ton jardin :)

Bon, ça me fait aussi furieusement penser à pierre-feuille-ciseaux, ce jeu statistiquement sans vainqueur. Ici, c'est presque pareil, sauf que tout le monde gagne !


M said...

Je viens de tomber là-dessus : Move-Eat-Learn, « une invitation au voyage d’une efficacité hors du commun ! »

Et je suis bien d'accord, on dirait un condensé de Into the Wild en quelques minutes...

Bref, après Eat, Pray, Love, ça m'a immédiatement fait penser à Fruit-Root-Leaf !

Tant de bonnes choses pour la vie !

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