03 March 2015

Update: change of location & new blog

This post is an announcement of some major transitions in the works for fruit.root.leaf. I would like to start by thanking you all for being such interested and supportive readers! Quebec City is where I realized that my love for sketching to chronicle the world around me was shared by others, and that there was much to be gained by actively sharing that pleasure with others.
That being said, at the end of December, Jerod and I decided to 'archive' www.fruitrootleaf.com. The site will remain online, and there are still a few posts I plan to write, to 'fill in' some of our adventures from 2014.

However, now that we're transitioning to back to the West, we think it's appropriate to shift our focus. 

Starting in January, I'll be sharing our photography, sketching, and writing on a new blog designated for our western adventures: www.drawntothewest.com. I'm planning on using this space to chronicle our experiences, and also as a platform for launching an illustrated column which I hope to syndicate throughout the Mountain West!

I am still penning an illustrated column - Drawn to Quebec - for the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph. You can follow along with that column at www.drawntoquebec.com. And, as always, I'm writing science-art and science communication articles, advice, and more at my professional website: www.commnatural.com

So, I encourage you to check out those sites, and if any of them interest you, subscribe to them for email updates. We'd love to hear from you, see you at our new place in Wyoming, and above all, stay in touch!

Bethann & Jerod

02 July 2014

Snapshot: One last (busy) Quebec summer, part I

There's no denying it - we've put down roots here in Quebec. 

And yet, it's official that we're leaving. In fact, we're moving to Wyoming in early November! Knowing this, we've spent the summer cramming in everything Quebec has to offer and then some. In the next few posts, we'll share lots of photos that offer a glimpse of the various adventures and visitors we've had.

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