16 April 2014

"Drawn to Life" workshop: Register now to learn how to record your life visually

I am delighted to announce I'll be leading a workshop in my hometown on May 3rd (with my sister). 

We'll focus on basic sketching techniques and some exercises for exploring the world around you. If you are in the area (or can plan to be), please get in touch and sign up!

Click here to see all the details and reserve your spot today!

24 March 2014

Snapshot: Winter is the new spring in Quebec

In light of what seems to be the "new"spring around here, we've collected a handful of images that show the scenic side of wintry Quebec.
- - - - - - - - - -

Snow and sub-zero temperatures characterized the first few days of spring. In fact, the 5th annual Quebec City Saint Patrick's Parade took place last Saturday during a not-so-minor snow storm.  

17 March 2014

3 local food ideas for your St. Patrick's Day smorgasboard

Tired of beer-based recipes for your Irish-inspired meal?  The following recipes are tried and true in our kitchen, and could give your St. Patrick's Day menu some festive flair.  Even better, you'll be able to incorporate seasonally available ingredients, some of which you can even grow yourself.

Sprout your own sprouts1. Homegrown green (sprouts)
Let's start with this guest post I did a few days ago on Foodies in Quebec.  Growing your own sprouts is a frugal way to incorporate highly nutritious fresh greens into your winter diet and into your St. Patrick's Day salad.  Watching roots develop is also a great "science" project, regardless of your age.  Since sprouting your own sprouts is really easy, it is a great activity for kids.  

How to: Click here for my 5 simple steps to growing your own sprouts.
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